Technogym, a giant in the fitness industry and known worldwide as ‘The Wellness Company’ have an unparalleled community and ecosystem built from almost four decades of experience. With over 80,000 installations in fitness centres, hospitals and hotels, there are over 15 million people registered with the platform.

In this article Founder and CEO of Technogym, Nerio Alessandri looks at the positives and opportunities that COVID-19 has brought upon the fitness industry and how Technogym has and continues to be aligned with the market needs.

Alessandri explained ‘‘COVID is a crisis, but like all crises this represents a great opportunity. A time to define our future and accelerate the process of change’’ He highlighted that health, fitness and quality of life have become ever more prevalent in 2020 and it is now a top priority.

The business model is unique, offering a hybrid product of ‘Club plus home’ and ‘Wellness on the go’. It turns the operator into the hub of fitness allowing you to complement and add to your workouts and routine with workouts online, offline, on site and remotely. It is designed to work in partnership with operators and with their Technogym Live platform, it allows operators to host content and engage with members from the comfort of their own home, which has been essential through 2020 to keep people active through the pandemic. Throughout the lockdown, Technogym offered classes through their cloud platform produced by their own trainers, of which they have 200,000 globally.

‘‘We are like Apple in B2B and B2C’’ Alessandri stated, explaining that Technogym have the leading software and hardware collectively, targeting both operators and consumers. The quality is second to none for precious and performance and that shows with the brands and individuals that use their kit. Technogym are the official suppliers to some of the world’s biggest stars and over 30 professional sports teams. The leaders of customization, personalisation and a professional training experience.

Alessandri concludes that with the prioritization of health, fitness and wellbeing we are ready to see a shift from a focus on the green economy to the wellness economy.

Interaction, engagement and personalisation have emerged as a top trend for 2020 and for the future of fitness. The likes of Technogym and Peloton have had this as a focus for many years and are now perfectly aligned to ones needs.

With a hope of resurgence of fitness events and exhibitions for 2021, this will be another avenue for brands to interact with their customers and add to their onsite and online offering.