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12:00pm Panel: The Art and Science of Confidence


Aliya Rajah
Confidence Coach

Emile Zarife
Founder of
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1:00pmConnecting With Your Mind, Body and Soul to Feel Good From The Inside-Out

Ruba Ali
Gymshark Athlete and Personal Trainer
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1:30pm Tips to Scheduling, Journaling and Tracking Your Health and Wellness Progress


Anwar Shaikh
Managing Director of Ultrahuman UAE

Dr Scott Robinson
Founder and MD of The Edge HPL

Anna Al Qasimi
Roberts, Founder, Achievher
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2:00pm The Confidence Crisis: How the Internet has Cashed in on our Biggest Insecurities

Diren Kartel
Head Coach at Project X Training
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3:00pm Tip: Nutrition Meets Psychology – Good Food is Really Good Mood

Meltem Piril Senol
Clinical and Sports Dietitian and Psychologist (Former National Basketball Player for Turkey)
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3:30pm Panel: The Love/Hate Relationship We Have With Food


Sophia Delavari
Online Fatloss Coach

Kirsten Jackson
Consultant Dietitian The Food Treatment Clinic

Mary Kristine
Founder of Be That Life

Karim Gabriel
Active IQ Ambassador and Public Figure

4:15pm Tip: How To Manage Your Body Composition and Love Fat

Matthew Jones
Head of Nutrition at West Ham United in the English Premier League
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12:00pm Panel: Running the World, Literally and Crushing the Myths


Ivana Sargic
Head of Ladies Fitness of Fitness First

Gemma Overs
Founder and CEO of Post Natal Fitness

Sarah Smith
Founder of CEO of Nabta Health Bring in Doctor

Monica Malhotra
Founder & Editor in Chief of The Gaggler
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1:00pm 5 Things You Should Know About The Womens Body


Nermeen Qatanani
Co-Founder of FET
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1:30pm Beating Sclerosis and Taking Over the World


Celine Khoury
Founder of C&S Active, Brand Ambassador and Jiu Jitsu Youth World Champion
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2:00pm Panel: Where is the Middle East in the Subject of Mental Health?


Fares Ghandour
Founder of Tuhoon

Chris Haill
Founder of MindForceDXB

Jasmine Navarro
Expert Family & Youth Coach

3:00pm Overcoming Adversity and Being Mind Strong


Mahmood Al Durrah
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, YouTuber and Durabolic Nutrition Coach
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3:45pm Panel: Mindstrength and Meditation


Kim Shelar
Wellness Coach and Founder of Mie Mind

Gulneet Chadha
Licensed Hypnotherapist and Head of Mental Health at Gargash Hospital
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4:15pm Breathe…Out Your Fears


Allaoua Gaham
Yoga Teacher & TEDx Speaker