Limoverse, one of the world’s first block-chain based health and wellness ecosystems, is almost ready and brings together several technological breakthroughs in healthcare and IT, to enable health seekers and wellness experts from the world over, to enjoy the fruits of personalized and preventive healthcare.

Limoverse is being developed to usher in a welcome change in the health and wellness sector. Built on the ancient wisdom that wellness is way more affordable than sickness, this new health and wellness ecosystem focusing on prevention, is however made possible by the latest breakthroughs in genetics, metabolic health, lifestyle modifications, artificial intelligence, blockchain and metaverse.

Blockchains, and crypto tokens based on them, are creating a new parallel digital economy. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the conceptual architecture on which this digital economy is being built, and it is widely expected that its near-perfect transparency would call for only minimal regulation. Being a universal phenomenon, this new digital economy will make geographic boundaries less relevant, whereas sector specific economies like this new wellness economy will rule the roost.

Limoverse is building one of the first ever comprehensive digital economies for the health and wellness sector. It would be the first such health and wellness ecosystem to be built on Web 3 technologies. It will feature various innovative projects that reward users to stay healthy and fit. Limo token, the native digital currency of Limoverse will power all transactions within the platform.

Limoverse’s founders are Sajeev Nair, who is a renowned futurist, longevity researcher & biohacker; Adityanarayan, noted startup entrepreneur & blockchain evangelist; and Sajeev VP, noted technocrat & scientist. Other key members in the top management are Hendrik Klein (Director – Strategic Planning), Dr. Biju KS (Medical Doctor & Holistic Medicine Specialist), Kenneth Joe Cleetus (Legal Officer).

At the heart of Limoverse, is the Health 5.0 innovation of EPLIMO which stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. EPLIMO, pioneered by the noted Indian health-tech startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, is one of the handful of such solutions that represent the next-generation of personalized and preventive healthcare standards denoted by Health 5.0.

EPLIMO tests each individual for genetic predisposition to 250+ lifestyle diseases, and finetunes its predictive power by integrating a detailed metabolic assessment too, through artificial intelligence. Then such personally predicted risks are defended against by prescribing comprehensive and research-validated lifestyle modifications spanning diet, nutrition, supplements, sleep, exercise, yoga, detox, ayurvedic herbs, breathing exercises, de-stressing, meditation etc. that can keep such diseases at bay.

Limoverse brings together the power of EPLIMO with the expertise of wellness experts like doctors, dietitians, fitness experts, yoga gurus, ayurvedic practitioners, psychologists, alternative therapists etc who will create and prescribe personalized diet plans, personalized fitness plans, personalized yoga regimens etc to the wellness seekers in this ecosystem.

Under its DataFi program, Limoverse also stores each user’s genetic and health data securely on its blockchain, so that users can share it with research institutions in exchange for Limo tokens, which can be used to pay for its health services as well as for accumulation for potential value gain.

Other exciting avenues for promoting one’s health and wealth in Limoverse includes WhealthFi, HealthFi, Creator Economy, NFTs, GameFi, MetaWhealth, PartnerVerse etc. Under MetaWhealth, the delivery of lifestyle modifications uses metaverse technologies like VR, AR & XR.

PartnerVerse lets organizations to use and add value to the Limoverse platform. Such Limoverse Partner Organizations (LPOs) include Hospitals, Yoga Studios, Spiritual Organizations, Training Centers,
Wellness Spas/Resorts, Wellness Brands, Nutrition Centers etc.

Join Limoverse now by downloading its app from the Google Playstore. Exciting rewards await those who download the app during this introductory period.

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