Are you a fitness and wellness industry professional?

Leveraging Dubai’s hub location and ambition to become the most active city in the world, Dubai Active has successfully launched B2B programme in 2019.

Top industry leaders, fitness influencers, trainers, manufacturers, distributors and retails from around the world have attended the powerful event.

B2B programme 2020 will feature a number of essential educational events for trainers, physiotherapists, and other fitness health professionals to expand their knowledge, refresh their skills, and understand new techniques.

As a fitness professional or businessperson, Dubai Active B2B will:

  • Give you access to the largest gathering of prospective clients in the Middle East
    Provide you with unrivaled networking opportunities with your peers
  • Give your complimentary access to a number of business conferences, and educational events
  • Introduce you to the greatest number of potential employers in the Middle East
  • Give you the opportunity to meet and hear from a number of International and Regional Industry Gurus

Business passes are available for the following professionals:

  • Gym, health club, and training facility owners and managers
  • Nutrition manufacturers or distributors
  • Equipment or technology manufacturers and distributors
  • Fitness industry retailers and buyers
  • Fitness influencers
  • Education and training providers
  • Personal trainers and instructors
  • Media