Our journey to bring the benefits of BOXING to your members and to your business with BOX12 – Jamie Cartwright


With a background in professional sports, it’s not surprising that my knees and ankles are not in the best shape anymore. A few years ago I was looking for a high-intensity, low-impact activity that was challenging and kept me engaged. Boxing was the obvious answer and provided everything I was looking for. Correct boxing technique and training target all areas of the body and work on your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance & strength, stamina, coordination and power. It was the perfect solution.


At the time, I had my own gym and was looking for activities to keep my members engaged, inspired & challenged. I soon noticed the innovative direction Jon Eade was taking Hatton Boxing. Jon has boxing expertise, and I understood the role of boxing from a fitness perspective AND together we knew how it could be successful from an operator’s perspective. All with the added bonus, that we had similar interests and got on great.


And so BOX12 was born.


We know that operators are looking for a differentiator, that USP that sets them apart from the rest. We created the BOX12 brand, products and a full turn-key solution to provide just that. We have created a solution with that WOW factor. Just one look and your members will want to give it a try and with just one try they will be immediately hooked. When the members engage with the concept, they will be energised and excited to continue to use it. The proof has been in the pudding, as they say, and the BOX12 brand is now going global due to its success in the UK and EMEA.



As we all know, retention is essential for a positive bottom line. But how do we do it? The fitness industry and our customer’s needs are changing so quickly these days so we must keep up. Products like BOX12 are providing technology-led engaging solutions. BOX12 delivers a clearly structured, fun workout on demand, which leaves you feeling exhilarated. We wanted to ensure that it was flexible for members, so they can choose to sign up for classes or jump into a circuit. BOX12 was created to be a space for people to come together and experience something unique. Once they start coming together they will stay together and will definitely stay with you for longer.


Innovative fittech and Easy space utilisation 

A huge challenge for many operators is that underutilized, grey dead space on the fitness facility floor or the studios.

Often studios are left empty when a class isn’t in session. The BOX12 technology solution can deliver the programme 24/7. This means you can deliver training in the studio, but when you’re not, the members can jump into our structured best-in-class workout. This removes all barriers to an engaging and fun experience with BOX12.

Each day the pre-set guided structured workouts will keep your members engaged and always challenged. Our advanced technology will provide real-time feedback to optimise the intensity of the workout, ensuring personal evaluation. Your members will feel part of a team while pursuing their own personal journey. Additionally, it is quick to install. You can be up and running with minimum disruption to your location.



Personnel costs are usually our main overhead as an operator. The BOX12 technology solution delivers programming directly to your members, negating the requirement to consistently train your staff to deliver best-in-class programming. Good training guidance is especially necessary during boxing for fitness classes. It has to be done right to ensure that members get the most out of every training session.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what our clients and customers have to say about it. Anthony Elliot, CEO of Fitness Time, Saudi said “Over the next 12-18 months we have a very clear strategy in place which will see significant development of our existing sites. We have partnered with BOX12 to deliver the product in 68 clubs that cover a wide spectrum of our estate. We are always looking for innovative, connected products that allow our members to enjoy the best and most efficient training, and for this reason, BOX12 was the ideal partner for us.”