Dubai Active Industry welcomes you to the 2022 Start-up Talk, orchestrated to empower the fitness ecosystem with the latest conversations in fitness start-ups and technology. It’s reported that the global tech-health market value is expected to be at USD 220.94 bill by 2026, and we look forward to forging ahead!  


Featuring exciting dialogues, discussions, and highlights by the region’s gurus in both technology and fitness, the Start-up Talk will answer your most trivial questions on market penetration, intellectual property, Web3 and more! Get ready to be updated on the latest technologies of wearables, AI personal trainers’ applications and discussions on blockchain, Big Data, Metaverse and other innovations that have now become an integrated part of the holistic health and fitness lifestyle. 

At the Start-up Talk you will:

  • Partake in engaging conversation to shape the future of fitness
  • Adopt the latest innovation in the market and lead the industry
  • Expand portfolios with new businesses and opportunity
  • Showcase your start-up to industry stakeholders

Attend and connect with:

  • Fitness Technology innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Gym owners and founders
  • Healthcare centres and facilities
  • Middle East and Global Health VCs, incubators, and funders
  • Research analysts and market forecasters
  • Data health policymakers and regulators

And more!

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