Zena Hamdan

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, FitLov

Zena Hamdan is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Fitlov. Zena leads all marketing, growth and business development functions within Fitlov.

Zena Hamdan was born and raised in Lebanon. Right after graduation and aged 21, she moved to UAE to start her career in the corporate world. From the get-go, she joined major global players such as Johnson & Johnson and Essity AB.

While being professionally trained as a business specialist within the consumer staples industry, Zena maintained and fostered her passion for fitness since her very early days. During the 90’s in Lebanon fitness was not a part of any school curriculum, as physical education and proper nutrition were not identified as contributing elements to individual health. But being an active kid, inspired by Olympians, Athletes and many leading brands within the sports industry, Zena eventually grew to become a triathlete. Running, swimming and cycling for long hours brought discipline, meditation, happiness and balance to her life, so she grabbed the first opportunity to make this her professional life.

This opportunity was FITLOV. The company was born out of an INSEAD MBA course performed by Zena’ close friend, Alberto Pardo. The concept was and still is simple: an application that matches a customer with a qualified personal trainer, within any discipline of choice and in any desired location. In October 2019 Zena decided to join forces with Alberto and today FITLOV is designed to help clients achieve their goals and to guide them on a journey to a better lifestyle.

The present combination of managerial experience and expertise provides FITLOV with the wealth of knowledge and processes necessary to formulate a strategy, adapt it and execute it efficiently. The partners’ combined efforts are directed towards one goal: to build a company that provides clients with a fun and result-oriented experience, while helping trainers spread their services more efficiently.

Let FITLOV help you achieve a better lifestyle – www.fitlov.com

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