This form of low-impact exercise aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.


Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a floor mat or a variety of equipment. Pilates builds strength without excess bulk, capable of creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen.


Bringing attention to each breath, gentle vinyasa flow yoga will guide you to create balance by combining opposites. This session is for all levels.


Synchronize breath with movement. This Vinyasa Flow is for all levels, from beginners to intermediate practitioners (different options are provided for practitioners to explore). Expect fun transitions, play with balance, and break into a sweat as Sarah guides you through this energizing flow.


The combination of controlled movement and high-intensity cardio will definitely challenge your coordination, mobility, and stability at a high level. This class is a full-body workout and you will feel the burn! Come to work out together and enjoy the benefits of the Pilates mat through a dynamic and athletic approach. Good for all fitness levels.

Instructor name: Anesti Mano

12:00pmStretching with RAISE Fitness & Wellness

Low intensity workout that will tone your muscles, increase your range of motion and flexibility, and help you to relieve stress. Using active and passive stretching, we will focus on the breath and releasing tension throughout the body.

1:00pmBalance Within with MYCORE

A slow practice that still creates a chance to challenge the body by focusing on the sense of balance through sequences and transitions. This flow class is suitable for all levels.
Instructor name: Dina Cassir

2:00pmActive Stretch & Mobility by Allaoua Gaham

This class is a unique and efficient restorative experience base on a physio-kinetics approach of Yoga. It’s focusing on reaching the deeper part of muscles, facia, ligaments, tendons and all the complex connective tissues composing human body biomechanical structure

3:00pmYin Aroma Yoga and Sound Healing with Yassmine

Come and enjoy session of Yin Aroma Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation, is like a mini retreat, a practice that incorporates, yoga, essential oils and meditation. It offers opportunity to restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally. And enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening feeling relaxed and mindful..

4:00pmGentle Vinyasa Flow with Sabrina Biljana

Bringing attention to each breath, gentle vinyasa flow yoga will guide you to create balance by combining opposites. This session is for all levels.



Mastering nutrition for optimal gut health, skincare, sleep and lifestyle

Michele Milann, Dietitian Sports Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer
Eshanka Wahi, Wellness Advocate and Nutrition Coach
Maria Marlowe, Certified Holistic and Acne Nutritionist
Wade Lightheart, Founder, BiOptimizers

Join our expert panelists as they share nutrition hacks to simplify your life and improve your entire wellbeing. You’ll find out how to optimise gut health, address food intolerances, fix skin concerns and more in this panel discussion.


Life behind the lens: Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with social media as an online entrepreneur

Gbemi Giwa, Entrepreneur & Consultant

Take a look at life behind the lens of a social media influencer as this panel gathers to share the reality of life online. Included in this discussion will be key takeaways for building and maintaining a healthy relationship with social media.


Building an online presence as a trainer, brand or influencer

Ewa Golan, Online Fitness Biz Coach

Join this session by Ewa Golan and find out how to build an online presence as a trainer, brand or influencer. Ewa will unearth how to stand out from the crowd, how to find your ideal customers and the first steps to launching your online fitness business, once you know your niche.


Harnessing your mental health to alleviate anxiety and achieve mindfulness

Kanzy El Defrawy, USA Pro Squash Player, Women’s Best Athlete
Mamta Saha, Psychologist, Ted Talker & Mental Health Expert
Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist/Director of The LightHouse Arabia
Bijal Soni, Head, Social & Community @shopsivvi

Find out how to manage stress and diminish anxiety to keep your mental wellbeing in check. Whether this is at home, in the gym or at work, this panel is tailored towards harnessing your mental health to achieve mindfulness and taking time to care for yourself.


Building a positive self-image and creating a culture of body confidence

Ameni Esseibi, First curvy model of MENA, Womens Best Ambassador
Waleed Shah, Photographer & Creator of MOWJOOD and “Magazine Cover”
Nawal el Masri, Storyteller & Founder @exhale.ae
Host: Danae Mercer, Body Positivity Champion & Women’s Best Ambassador

This panel of body confidence champions will take a critical look at the glitz and glam of social media and misleading camera angles. Expect to hear a raw, unfiltered approach towards building a positive self-image and creating a culture of body confidence.



Hollie Murphy Founder, Heroes for Hope




A feminist approach to self-care, wellness, and leadership

Zena Hamdan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, FitLov
Gbemi Giwa, Entrepreneur & Consultant
Tala Samman, DJ, Blogger & Founder of myfashdiary.com
Chiara Seidenader,The Wellness Consultant

Self-care and security are essential to our personal wellness but can often be neglected especially in fact-paced jobs and leadership positions. Our panellists gather to discuss the transformative potential of self-care and how to prioritise it with an empowering and feministic approach.


Confidence from within: building self-esteem and a positive body image

Haifa Beseisso, Youtube Ambassador and TV Host @mbc1
Emile Zarife, Founder, Anasharqi.com
Gary te Roller, Integrative Wellness & Mindset Coach
Kate Fearnley, Naturopathic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher

Join this session and find out how body image and self-esteem directly influence one another. Gain insight from our panellists on how to achieve a healthy body image and the lasting effects this has on taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

30th October 13.00-14.00

Fitness beyond aesthetics: setting and fuelling for your goals

Michele Milann, Dietitian Sports Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer
Kanzy El Defrawy, USA Pro Squash Player, Women’s Best Athlete
Mohammad Sweidan, Lifecoach & Tiktoker
Jake Davidian, Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi & Sound Healer

Find out how to set and achieve goals with benefits that go far beyond aesthetics. Our panellists will share strategies and key turning points to allow you to organise your time and nutrition and alter your mindset towards achieving goals that make you happier and healthier.

30th October 14.00-15.00

Embracing plant-based nutrition: the benefits and opportunities

Silvena Rowe, Global Masterchef Judge
Claire Harryn Roberto, Cordon Bleu Chef & Certified Nutrition Coach
Joyce Mrad, Plant-based Food Blogger
Rinki Pamnani, Vegan, Digital Content Creator

Plant-based diets and plant-based nutrition are both terms that we’re hearing more and more these days, but what are the pros and cons of this diet? Join this session to find out why a plant-based diet describes a whole approach to eating, rather than just a label. Our panellists explain the importance of whole, nutrient-dense foods and how they can be used to hack your health.

30th October 15.00-16.00

Female hormones and their impact on health, motherhood and general wellbeing

Female hormones and their impact on health, motherhood and general wellbeing
Souhaila Haroon, TikToker, Lifestyle and Motherhood blogger
Zena Habi, Post-natal correction expert
Jordana Ventske, Registered Dietitian, JV Nutrition
Sakina Mustansir, Thyroid & PCOS Expert

Hormones affect more than just our mood, they are vital in enabling daily functions, reproduction, movement, and more. This is why small issues with hormone balance can cause serious health problems. Our panel of experts will explore the various ways hormones impact our daily lives and how to recognise and act when something is out of balance.

DATE & TIME: 30th October 16.00-16.30


Sneha Arora, Yoga Coach, Yogihearts