Renowned prep/physique coach, Dr. Layne Norton will be hosting exclusive sessions at the UAE Exercise Professionals Summit hosted at Dubai Active Industry. In these sessions hear from one of the most trusted and recognized names in the industry as he discusses energy balance and Muscle building nutrition! Layne will also be joined at the event with APD Holly Baxter as she covers Metabolic Adaptation and a number of unmissable topics for discussion.

Much confusion exists regarding energy balance ie calories in vs. calories out (CICO). This has led to some nonsensical claims on social media and even the news media regarding the validity of CICO. In this epic talk, Dr. Norton breaks down CICO on every level by explaining what it is, what it isn’t, and why people are so confused on this topic. After this talk you will thoroughly understand CICO and how to apply it to yourself or your clients.”

Muscle building nutrition may seem daunting based on the slew of misinformation online.

Let Dr. Norton simplify the process for you but explaining what matters and what doesn’t for maximizing muscle building through nutrition. When you leave this talk you will understand how to set up an evidence based muscle building nutrition protocol.

APD Holly Baxter will cover the frequently talked about nutrition topic of metabolic adaptation. This is the body’s physiological response to dieting where an individual’s total daily energy expenditure decreases by a greater extent than what would be predicted. This response can lead to a multitude of challenges for people who are trying to improve their body composition, from difficulty attempting to lose weight along with rapid weight regain post diet.

This talk covers the many adaptive responses from extreme or prolonged calorie restriction including BMR, NEAT, NEPA and exercise.

She also covers the popular topic of ‘body fat set point theory’ and some more nuanced areas of interest such as ‘adipocyte hyperplasia’ and the potential risks of rapidly reintroducing calories post diet.


Early Bird Price – AED800 LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE- Workshop is on the 30th October & grants 3 day access ticket – Timing for the workshop are 10:30am – 3:00pm