Abdullah Alaskari

Founder of Clubfit Gym Co. & Managing Partner, C Club Kuwait

Andreas L Borgmann

Founder & Co-CEO, Kcal

Brendan C. Ahern

Founder & CEO, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Dan Owen

Content Director, Sport360

Edward Elliott

Director Health & Fitness Division, Reebok Crossfit

Fiona Brown

Director of Operations, AIKARO Solutions

George Flooks

CEO, Fitness First Middle East

Heba Abdel Gawad

Co-founders, .body//HACK

Jamie Moore

Head of Training and Design, The J Club

Jag Chima

Fitness Entrepreneur

Justin Musgrove

Chief Executive Officer, Leejam Sports

Ketija Line

Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

Lisa Durante

Editor & Entrepreneur

Matt Prior

founder & CEO, ONE PRO Nutrition

Mike Fantigrassi

Head of Product Development & Lead Master Instructor, NASM

Nathan Brown

Managing Director & Founder, AIKARO Solutions

Néstor Serra Verdaguer

World Director, Hypopressive RSF

Nikki Oliver

Personal Trainer with Smart Fitness and MamaBFit

Paul Thornley

Lead Instructor Trainer, Stott Pilates

Robert Krizanovic

Entrepreneur & Exercise Science Founder, Fitness Solutions

Roberta Darrigo

Freelance Personal Trainer & Educator

Rory Sweetlove

Chief Operating Officer, Gold’s Gym

Ross Gilmour

Co-Founder, The Better Body Collective

Saif Rubie

Owner, Future Gen Sports and Luxury

Siddique Farooqi

Director of Marketing, Evolution-X LLC

Vinicius Pinto Soares

Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, & Specialist in Group Exercises

Wael El Merhabi

Chief Executive Officer, Sport Clubs Company – Body Masters

Wajdan Gul

Chief Executive Officer,  Squat Wolf