Shaikha Al Qassemi

Shaikha Al Qassemi, 29, a Crossfit athlete started her journey early 2013 with a growing passion to change her lifestyle. Also a Level 2 Crossfit coach and has experience in coaching in many different specialities within Crossfit. She coached ladies classes in both Sharjah, Dubai and guest coach in Abu Dhabi. During that period the improvements in her students encouraged her to want to inspire more woman to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Shaikha has been competing in Crossfit since 2013, some of her achievements are placing 3rd in the Gulf category, her first regional competition, Battle of the East in 2015 in Kuwait and placing 3rd in international category in Battle of Heroes in Bahrain in 2016. Since, she has founded Platform Fitness Gym that advocates “Live Better, Move More,” the gym is the first of it’s kind, sleek, clean and high end that offer CrossFit classes.

“My aim isn’t solely to compete to the podium, my aim is to inspire Arab women along the journey that is my race to a podium finish. My mission is to change the UAE fitness movement, increase the awareness, encourage more women and men, to get stronger and fitter for life, and to make a change for future generations.”.