Upcoming MASHUP® Certification at Dubai Active Show with Master Trainers

Jonathan Goh and Jacquese Silvas!

Increase Your Earning Potential and Offer More Results in Less Time with Three Classes in One!

Come experience MASHUP®!
In this energetic class, participants will experience a short, effective workout utilizing variable-intensity interval training (VIIT). Learn the nuts and bolts of this research-based program featuring mind-body, agility and strength, along with high-intensity interval exercises for every fitness level.
MASHUP® offers the global gold standard in Variable-Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) for group fitness programming. 
We deliver a group training experience inclusive of all fitness levels without a gym license. 
MASHUP®’s turn-key program will give you the skills necessary to effectively coach three fitness levels in every workout combining:
High-intensity intervals
Increase your class numbers or become involved in group fitness with a program that allows you to insert your skill set and offer something all populations simultaneously (conditioned athletes, injury-prone individuals, pregnant women, active aging, or novices)!


Certification details:

  • Upon registration, you will receive a reference manual with several hundred exercise ideas, 3 whiteboards, 3 playlists, and a shirt to get you started!
  • Next addend our one-day intensive workshop and receive CEC’s from: AFAA = 11, NASM = 1.1, ACE = .7
  • Review the course outline.
  • Take our written exam.
  • Submit a post-workshop video for evaluation.
  • Maintain your CPR and PT or GX certification or specialty certification
  • No re-certification required.
  • Invitation to join MASHUP® Coach Connect which provides access to an entire library of written sample workouts, playlists with embedded cues and video demonstrations.
  • Pre-requisites: A specialty, basic group fitness or personal training certification, or a degree in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, or Physical Therapy.