Georgie Bradley

Georgie Bradley is a 28 year-old magazine editor and freelance journalist based in the Middle East.

She is currently the deputy editor of Emirates Woman magazine in Dubai and was formerly an associate editor for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

​Starting off as a freelance journalist in London after completing an MA in Magazine Journalism at City University, London, Georgie has written for Marie Claire UK, The London Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Guardian and BuzzFeed UK while writing millennial blog posts on The Huffington Post UK. In 2014, she was shortlisted for the PPA’s Most Promising Postgraduate Journalist Award for my investigative feature on Female Genital Mutilation.

​Georgie is also a certified crisis counsellor for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and volunteered for Women’s Crisis Care International in Bahrain. In this role she was on hospital and hotline duty several times a month and involved in public engagement through community outreach by giving culturally sensitive talks on reversing gender stereotypes, feminism, healthy relationships and myths surrounding rape to audiences ranging from ministers to school students.