Roberta Darrigo

Roberta Darrigo- Freelance Personal Trainer and Educator.

I am a Personal Trainer who specializes in kinesiology and biomechanics with more than 8 years of experience and over 50 certifications under my belt covering topics such as biomechanics specialist, advanced nutrition specialist, advanced bodybuilding, designing pre and post-natal exercise programs, kinesiology for resistance workouts, postural deviations, trigger point and TRX- to name a few.

My passion for learning and updating my knowledge stems from the desire to motivate and help change the lives of others, who dream of having an aesthetic and healthy body. I’m currently doing my bachelor’s degree in physical education, in order to give quality support and better results for my clients as well as social media followers who ask me for online tips.

I became the first bikini champion in the Middle East in 2014 and in the last 5 years accomplished 5 wins in 8 competitions. I want to share the results I personally achieved through specific glute training with other fitness professionals who are looking to develop their knowledge on programming for glute hypertrophy.

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