Andreas L Borgmann

A native of Denmark, Andreas L Borgmann was a natural born entrepreneur, who started from the early age of 18. Andreas has a schooling background in Design and IT. He has owned multiple companies in the fields of Construction, Auto, Real Estate, Architectural Design, IT and most recently F&B. He’s travelled and lived in numerous countries around the world, settling now in Dubai.

In 2009, Andreas co-launched Kcal. Andreas took his 20 plus years of passion for health, sports and healthy food and turned it into a business. Kcal has been a dream come true, and with passion and hard work Kcal has become a success.

Dedicated and compassionate, Andreas spends most of his free time studying and learning more about his passions and his business, when he’s not in the desert getting an adrenaline kick, in the gym or spending time with his family.

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