Abdullah Al-Askari

Abdullah Al-Askari has been involved in the fitness industry since 2000. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000, a Masters Degree in Sports Management from the Cruyff Institute of Sports in Barcelona in 2016 and currently a PhD in Sport Business from Paris School of Business.

Abdullah is a health and life enthusiast, a forward thinker with an expanding vision on the health and fitness industry. An Entrepreneur, and an experienced sports and fitness specialist dedicated to creating and initiating innovative, industry leading fitness facilities in private and commercial spaces

Mr. Al-Askari established Clubfit Gym Co. in 2010, Evolve Supplements Co. in 2013, and was the Managing Partner of C Club Kuwait.

Abdullah has also established Life Beam for Gym Establishment and Management in 2015, and 70/30 meal delivery service in 2018.

Throughout the years Abdullah has initiated numerous health and wellness facilities, such as Bidaya Athletic Academy for Children, Riaya Physiotherapy Clinic, and Albidea Health Club and Resort.

In May 2021 He has been appointed as Chief Development Officer for UFC Gym Middle East.

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