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28-30 OCT 2022
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28-30 OCT 2022
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Natasha Dell Wellness


Natasha Dell Wellness (NDW) is the genesis of three main elements of healthy living –  movement,  nutrition and mindfulness. This initiative is built on the strong foundation of over two decades of experience in personal consulting, scientific research, and mentorship. Natasha has launched NDW to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle with ease in the modern world. Her key strength is deep expertise in aligning customised programs with client goals.

Natasha is certified from Stanford University in The Science of Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Employee Wellness & Stress management. She is also certified by Precision Nutrition in The Essentials of Nutrition & Coaching.

With carefully curated programs, clients can choose from an array of services like personal training, workout routines, nutrition planner and selfcare to equip themselves with the right tools to reach their optimal healthy life. All programs are presented in a way that’s entertaining, functional and also accessible which gives it a definite edge.

Natasha is a strong advocate for the truth, she stands to dispute all false notions with regards to health and commits to empower her clients with knowledge. She is personally accountable for delivering the very best and her clients are testament to her method.

NDW supports those who are still figuring out what their main challenges are, and those who are already on their journey but are challenged by consistency. Natasha is passionate about reinforcing the solutions and guiding her clients to be more qualified about selfcare.

NDW caters a full spectrum wellness programs for individuals, groups and corporates with a clear roadmap to drive a healthy lifestyle. It involves the leverage of new thinking, innovation and disruption to do now what could not be achieved earlier. Adopting a holistic approach is not dictated by what’s available but rather by what’s best. Natasha believes “To converge on a solution, you need to diverge on the approach.”