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28-30 OCT 2022
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28-30 OCT 2022
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3bble SRL


3bble (www.3bble.com) is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes courts to play a new format of football.

Jorkyball ® is a two-a-side soccer game played in just 50 sqm state-of-the-art plexiglass court. The walls can be used to dribble, pass and score. You need only 4 friends to play a match.

It is Fun, it is Fitness and it is Football!

Intense physical activity, the game has also proven useful to refine football skills such as balance, reaction time, accuracy and ball control.

Given its small size, the court can be easily installed indoors (Sport clubs, Gyms, Schools, Hotels, Residentials and Shopping malls). 

3bble is the Official Sponsor and Technical Supplier of the Jorkyball International Federation. 

Already played in a few European countries, Canada and Japan, 3bble wants to further expand around the world.

3bble is looking for commercial partners and distributors.