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Why We Do What We do

An extra hour in the gym, an extra rep in the squat rack…ProSupps is built on the belief that we can always do more; matter of fact, each one of us is called to do more if we want to create the very best version of ourselves.

ProSupps wasn’t built behind office desks or inside cubicles.  Our “office” was the vinyl-torn flat bench, our conference room the chalk-dusted squat rack…and everything we built was battle-tested by us or it didn’t make the cut.  If it didn’t change us, make us stronger, run faster, jump higher, push more; it didn’t make its way into the bottle, period.  We trained hard, sweat harder, shared our wins and our losses with anyone that would listen; we existed as living examples of transformation; we were a bunch of hardcore fitness guys that knew that if we built it, they would come.

Change occurs when challenge meets opportunity.  ProSupps meets you at that place where you seek more out of your training, more out of your performance, and more out of your life.  The desire to change can’t be bought, it isn’t inherited, and it doesn’t “just happen”. ProSupps was founded to inspire those to find that “extra gear” in their quest for change.

Everyone has an “extra gear”; ProSupps was built to help you find it.