Robert Krizanovic

Master in Sports and Exercise Science
Founder and MD of Rob Krizanovic, Fitness Solutions

Building his career for over 20 years, Robert, has been operating clubs in Europe and the Middle East, while learning about the business from within. Developing and acquiring a variety of different skillsets in a career of personal growth from Coach through to Manager to COO, Robert gained unique experience in the fitness industry both as student and as leader. By his own words, Robert describes his career as “ an interesting journey with an undeniable mix of passion, dedication and belief”

Fitness First Middle East and Gold’s Gym Middle East, have been just a couple of the big names with whom Robert has learned everything from managing people and business to club operation and strategies. His latest experience in creating specialized fitness boutique studios has added a special note to his career. With experience ranging from big international chains to local brands, small boxes to big boxes, traditional fitness businesses to specialized studios, high end luxury facilities to basic set up fitness facilities, Robert has helped numerous businesses to find their way, and helped to bring investors vision to reality.

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