Paul Thornley

Paul from Manchester, England is a Global Presenter specializing in teaching fascial movement and the full STOTT PILATES curriculum with a passion to reinforce the magnificence of our wholeness, living at the heart of a biotensegral world bound in a web of fascia networks.

Based at Real Pilates, Dubai for the past 9 years, he is a fully certified STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer, Merrithew, Toronto, Canada and an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist having trained with Leon Chaitow ND DO of the University of Westminster UK, John Sharkey MsC Director of European Neuromuscular Therapy Dublin, Ireland and Judith Delany director of American Neuromuscular Therapy Florida, USA.

With over two decades experience in the industry and through his martial arts training and military background he has developed a particular approach to movement education & rehabilitation with a style that is a reflection of his personality; clinical and precise, but delivered with a huge slice of humour.

Paul has dedicated himself to remaining at the forefront of 21st century anatomy & physiology ensuring his clients and students are at the receiving end of the latest research and experience. As the world we live in evolves Paul believes so must we, focusing on how we can influence each other to live and move with more consciousness.

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