Danny Bartlett

Originally from the UK and moved to Dubai in 2002 where he has been a key figure in the fitness industry ever since.

Danny has travelled the globe delivering both educational yet entertaining workshops, certifications and group classes to hundreds of fitness professionals, educators and enthusiasts.

A Senior Master Instructor for TRX responsible for the training and development of TRX course instructors across the world, presenting workshops and providing demonstrations at international fitness Conventions/exhibitions as well as delivering all of the educational courses that TRX offers to personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts both in the Middle East and globally.

Danny is also a ZUU Bellator, delivering ZUU Gradus education around the world. Dedicated to helping people move better, feel better and live better by using the very best in body weight training, accountability, intensity and inspiration.

Danny believes all Personal Trainers should focus on being a ‘coach’ not a trainer, along with building accountability and purpose into their clients lives.

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